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What is the meaning of heavy in Hindi?

Meaning of heavy in Hindi is : सघन

Definition of word heavy

  • Having great weight. (adjective)
  • Serious, somber. (adjective)
  • good. (adjective)
  • Profound. (adjective)
  • High, great. (adjective)
  • armed. (adjective)
  • louder, more distorted (adjective)
  • hot and humid (adjective)
  • doing the specified activity more intensely than most other people. (adjective)
  • high in fat or protein; difficult to digest. (adjective)
  • Of great force, power, or intensity; deep or intense; (adjective)
  • laden to a great extent. (adjective)
  • very (adverb)
  • A villain or bad guy; the one responsible for evil or aggressive acts. (noun)
  • A doorman, bouncer or bodyguard. (noun)
  • A large multi-engined aircraft. (noun)
  • To make heavier. (verb)
  • To sadden. (verb)
  • To use power and/or wealth to exert influence on, e.g., governments or corporations; to pressure. (verb)

Examples of word heavy

  • The sentence = _Gold is heavy beyond the degree in which iron is heavy_.
  • _duple_; the alternation of heavy and light pulses is regular; and therefore the third beat is again an accent, as well as the first, though _less heavy_.
  • She's heavy artillery; and I mean _heavy_, believe me! "
  • “The term heavy metal has become such a wide label,” Ratt bassist Juan Croucier said as early as 1985.
  • It's a curious irony that the term "heavy- weight" has been applied to Chris Patten's appointment as the new chair of the BBC Trust Patten to be named BBC Trust chair, 19 February, as it would seem the other possible candidates lacked such an accolade.


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