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What is the meaning of heedfulness in Hindi?

Meaning of heedfulness in Hindi is : सावधानी

Definition of word heedfulness

  • The state or quality of being heedful. (noun)

Examples of word heedfulness

  • What should I communicate my fitness heedfulness provider in front of I gain possession of this medicine?
  • It also emphasizes the role that heedfulness plays in developing each, for heedfulness is what enables each strength to counteract a particular delusion that makes fear unskillful, and the mind weak in the face of its fears.
  • If stripped of confusion and aversion, these three elements become a positive quality, heedfulness — something so essential to the practice that the Buddha devoted his last words to it.
  • What should I advertise my well-being heedfulness providers in the future I win this medicine?
  • English called thirst, a work of divine vengeance, showing us that which saith the philosopher and Aulus Gellius, that it becometh us to speak according to the common language; and that we should, as said Octavian Augustus, strive to shun all strange and unknown terms with as much heedfulness and circumspection as pilots of ships use to avoid the rocks and banks in the sea.


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