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What is the meaning of heeled in Hindi?

Meaning of heeled in Hindi is :

Definition of word heeled

  • Simple past tense and past participle of heel. (verb)
  • Having a heel (often specified, as in high-heeled etc.). (adjective)
  • Prepared, especially armed with a weapon. (adjective)

Examples of word heeled

  • The Widow Weld was a musical-comedy sort of widow in French-heeled, patent-leather slippers and girlish gowns.
  • I expect to die in French-heeled pumps and embroidered silk stockings and the finest, silliest silk things ever put in a show window to tempt the soul of a woman.
  • These people could relax and give themselves up to enjoyment because they were "heeled" -- as a boy lieutenant slangily put it -- to
  • Pretty well "heeled," they took a course nearly due east, and in the direction of the Pan Handle of Texas.
  • In this way it was difficult to know whether a man was "heeled" (armed) or not.