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What is the meaning of helpful in Hindi?

Meaning of helpful in Hindi is : सहायक

Definition of word helpful

  • Furnishing help; giving aid; useful. (adjective)

Examples of word helpful

  • "helpful visitors 'yahooBuzzArticleHeadline ='" helpful visitors\ ''; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'Article: Once the companies left with the good jobs: the American worker, now is forced to seek the jobs that have always been left to our \'helpful visitors\'.
  • It is true that many people diagnosed with a so-called "mental illness" find the label helpful, allowing them to see their difficulties on a par with a physical illness, to be recognised and treated.
  • BEIJING (Reuters) - China's push to reduce growing greenhouse gas pollution is impressive but the "juggernaut" nonetheless faces a daunting rise in emissions, the top U.S. climate change envoy said after what he called helpful talks.
  • Sometimes the best way to be "helpful" is just to BACK OFF.
  • No need to even bring up WWII … what would be helpful is if reporters studied what Spain and the UK have done since they were attacked much as we were .. to my knowledge they havent created GTMOs and waterboarding …