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What is the meaning of heron in Hindi?

Meaning of heron in Hindi is : वगुला

Definition of word heron

  • A long-legged, long-necked wading bird of the family Ardeidae. (noun)

Examples of word heron

  • To McEneaney, the heron was a sign — a communication from Eamon — like those dozens of relatives of Trade Center victims say they've received from loved ones.
  • If you are interested to hear PM Shaikh Hasina's meeting with the army officers ... here are the 3 links ... which is now blocked againby shameless Prime Minister, saying "contents subversive to the state." what a "chagol" as the Army officers called heron thisrecorded conversation between prime minister and army officers.
  • The speckled heron, which is nicknamed ‘the skulker’, is said in folklore stories to be of servile origin, and, as its nickname implies, it is the laziest bird of the three species.
  • The heron was a very special creature inasmuch as it was a solitary bird, quietly stalking its prey, which it speared with its long, curved serrated beak.
  • The heron is the best example of the rational use of a horn.


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