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What is the meaning of herself in Hindi?

Meaning of herself in Hindi is : स्वयं

Definition of word herself

  • her; the female object of a verb or preposition that also appears as the subject (pronoun)
  • she; an intensive repetition of the female subject, often used to indicate the exclusiveness of that person as the only satisfier of the predicate (pronoun)
  • A self-important female (pronoun)

Examples of word herself

  • An Irish paper, in noticing a coroner's inquest on a young woman who had drowned herself, says, the jury, after an hour's deliberation, brought in a verdict of _wilful murder against herself_.
  • Even Minna in misfortune would have allowed herself to be persuaded either to increase or to assuage the misfortune of her friend through herselfÂ….
  • After that perhaps you won't believe that our neighbour, Madame Tchepuz, Elena Antonovna, told me herself, mind _herself_, that she had murdered her nephew? '
  • Henry, when the little girl held the geraniums up to him, observed, that the back of her hand was bruised and black; he asked her how she had hurt herself, and she replied innocently, "that she had not hurt _herself_, but that her schoolmistress was a very _strict_ woman."
  • The furnishing of the house Mrs. Bettesworth took upon herself; and Sally _took upon herself_ to find fault with every article that her mother bought.


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