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What is the meaning of hide in Hindi?

Meaning of hide in Hindi is : पशुचर्म

Definition of word hide

Examples of word hide

  • Air New Zealand Has Nothing to Hide is the next entry in this blog.
  • We've seen Dakota's 'darker' side in 'Hide & Seek' and we know she can do it; she's older now, and it would be a good role for her.
  • Dakota is an amazing actress, the girl can do creepy, have you seen her in Hide and Seek?
  • Andy Birkey of the Minnesota Independent reports that the head of a Christian rock ministry called "You Can Run But You Can't Hide" is opposing the anti-bullying programs, which he considers to be a recruiting tactic for gays, and by extension, child molesters (?!).
  • He simply said the TRUTH saying that all the speakers there count like the British speakers in Hide Park corner in England.


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