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What is the meaning of high priced in Hindi?

Meaning of high priced in Hindi is : महँगा

Definition of word high priced

Examples of word high priced

  • A: Senate Democrats have proposed a 40% tax on highpriced insurance, or?
  • The woman, yet another of the pimp's highpriced hookers with a photo in her police file, had been a dish, worthy of a Hollywood screen test, and certainly pretty enough for a Playboy centerfold.
  • Although bland-tasting rice has dominated international markets, the basmati type has always been tropical Asia's favorite, and it is now increasingly sold worldwide (even in the United States) as a highpriced specialty.
  • Village seemed especially Felliniesque that evening, litter-strewn Sidewalks clogged with street musicians, grim-faced college students, squealing packs of junior high kids wearing oversized clothes pocked with highpriced holes, empty-eyed bikers, gawking tourists from the exurbs, and assorted hangers-on.
  • They attracted men by paying piece rates and a small reward to finders of highpriced stones.


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