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What is the meaning of high speed in Hindi?

Meaning of high speed in Hindi is :

Definition of word high speed

Examples of word high speed

  • "The FCC has the legal authority to change the label," Crawford wrote, "The commission should state its case, re-label highspeed Internet access as a 'telecommunications service' and take back the power to protect American consumers."
  • SS3 Hey there highspeed you live near VA ... tell you what I'd like to meet you myself ..
  • More highspeed rail routes will lesson the need for regional air travel so people will use the rail to go to much larger airports located further away from major metro areas.
  • Even if the goal was solely to eliminate highway congestion, is highspeed rail priority one?
  • That said, I think one of the stopping blocks regarding highspeed rail proposals is that “train vs. subway vs. lightrail” is a natural comparison for a lot of people to make.


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