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What is the meaning of hired in Hindi?

Meaning of hired in Hindi is :

Definition of word hired

  • Simple past tense and past participle of hire. (verb)

Examples of word hired

  • In addition, the label hired a religious consultant to help target its marketing and "take the edges off" the notion of a big company peddling sacred music, says Mark Flaherty, senior vice president of marketing for RCA Music Group, which is releasing "The Priests" in the U.S.
  • The label hired a marketing company to seed the accompanying video on popular Web sites, where viewers were encouraged to submit their own videos.
  • Ashlee was shepherded around town, meeting with the hit songwriters the label hired that week, showing up at her first crowded gig looking petrified, being coached by her sister on how to handle the attention.
  • It's a merciless time in politics, and one of the things that I think is evil is the growing number of what I call hired guns, the people who don't really have any intimacy or association by birth or state with public figures and who are contracted for to come in and run focus groups and to run in and do polls.
  • The number of "accreditation-free" people that get hired is growing rapidly, and the approach these hiring managers take and the quality of these hires will be the biggest determinant of the "value" of a formal education.
  • And it warns that the law will make it illegal to hire or be hired from a vehicle stopped on the street.