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What is the meaning of historian in Hindi?

Meaning of historian in Hindi is : इतिहासविद्‌

Definition of word historian

  • A writer of history; a chronicler; an annalist. (noun)
  • One versed or well informed in history. (noun)

Examples of word historian

    • The historian posted disparaging reviews of books by rivals on Amazon, using the alias "historian" - and thus making him guilty of what's known as
    • But for this title the historian is not responsible.
    • If a historian is to write objective history, is it necessary that she treat her subject matter impartially?
    • When a famed Oxford historian is found dead in his study one night, all evidence points to his son, Stephen.
    • As a Latin American historian, teacher, and political activist, I for years have read about, taught, and protested against the antidemocratic Pinochet government.