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What is the meaning of history in Hindi?

Meaning of history in Hindi is : वृत्तांत

Definition of word history

  • The aggregate of past events. (noun)
  • The branch of knowledge that studies the past; the assessment of notable events. (noun)
  • A set of events involving an entity. (noun)
  • A record or narrative description of past events. (noun)
  • The list of past and continuing medical conditions of an individual or family. (noun)
  • A record of previous user events; specifically, a browser history, a history of visited Web pages. (noun)
  • Something that no longer exists or is no longer relevant. (noun)
  • To narrate or record. (verb)

Examples of word history

  • Collingwood arrives at the claim that history is the study of mind by reflecting on what we mean when we use the word Ëœhistoryâ„¢.
  • The form differs from the content, _history_ differs from the _reality_ of which it is the history, and morality is more than the story of its vicissitudes, of its gradual, painful development from the pre-historic times to our own.
  • That _history_ and _argument_ are so rejected by all parties affecting to be _reformed_ churches, will appear from the following citations from their own authoritative judicial declarations: "Authentic history and sound argument are always to be highly valued; but they should not be incorporated with the confession of the Church's faith."
  • Bismarck had pondered over the lessons of history, because, as he said, _history teaches one how far one may safely go_.
  • Everything is seen to be an antiquity, with a history behind it -- a _natural history_, which enables us to understand in some measure how it has come to be as it is.


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