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What is the meaning of history in Hindi?

Meaning of history in Hindi is : वृत्तांत

Definition of word history

Examples of word history

  • In English they are reading Sophie's World, which is about the history of Philosophy, which they are also learning about in History and Latin.
  • Beside the work of Mahan (as above) the W.r of 1812 is dealt with by W. JAMES, _Naval History of Great Britain_, vols. v-vi (1823), a work of accuracy as to British facts, but of violent anti-American temper; and on the other side by J.F. COOPER, _Naval History_ (1856), and T. ROOSEVELT. _Naval W.r of 1812_ (1883).
  • It was then incorporated with the _Literary Magazine; or the History of the Works of the Learned_ (1735-36) and the joint periodical was henceforth published as a _History of the Works of the Learned_ until 1743.
  • History of England_; Channing, _History of the United States_; Ford,
  • F.r the Protestant Revolt in Germany: E.F. Henderson, _A Short History of Germany_ (1902), Vol. I, ch. x-xvi, a brief sketch of the political and social background; Johannes Janssen, _History of the German
  • Textbooks and brief treatises: J.S. Bassett, _A S.ort History of the United S.ates_ (1914), ch. iii-vii; A.L. Cross, _History of
  • History_, Vol. I (1902), ch. x, iii; _Histoire générale, Vol. IV, ch. xviii-xxi; R.N. Bain, _Slavonic Europe: a Political History of Poland and Russia from 1447 to 1796_ (1908), ch. i-iv; T. Schiemann,
  • "Epochs of Modern History" Series, the best brief survey; _History of
  • History of Sculpture_ (1896); Wilhelm von Lubke, _History of
  • = -- Dewey, _Financial History of the United States_, Sections 86-87; Elson, _History of the United