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What is the meaning of histrion in Hindi?

Meaning of histrion in Hindi is : नाट

Definition of word histrion

  • A stage actor. (noun)

Examples of word histrion

  • The intensity of the golden age of the histrion was the intensity of _his_ good faith.
  • What would Athenæus say if he knew that it was through him alone that the name of this histrion had come down to us?
  • As a matter of fact, Miss Anderson, who began her histrion career at an early age, and is even now of extremely youthful appearance, has had plenty of experience and success in _roles_ of much more difficulty, and much wider possibilities.
  • The SPEAKER, after eulogising the white tall hat, added that although he was glad that they had Sir SQUIRE BANCROFT with them (Hear, hear) he was bound to remark that not infrequently of late he had seen that illustrious histrion wearing in the streets of London a cloth cap more suitable to the golf-links or the Highlands.
  • Fals-Semblant is the pope who sells benefices, the histrion, the tumbler, the juggler, the adept of the vagrant race, who goes about telling tales and helping his listeners to forget the seriousness of life.


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