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What is the meaning of hogging in Hindi?

Meaning of hogging in Hindi is : हॉगन

Definition of word hogging

  • Present participle of hog. (verb)
  • The targeting by men of overweight or obese women for sexual encounters. (noun)

Examples of word hogging

    • He fitted the mast of the Stancomb Wills fore and aft inside the James Caird as a hog-back and thus strengthened the keel with the object of preventing our boat "hogging" -- that is, buckling in heavy seas.
    • But when a vessel is large, and more especially when she is long, the strains known as hogging and sagging are apt to rack her timbers apart.
    • The bow and stern had fallen, which boat builders call hogging.
    • Now, if I worked extra hard/smart/took risks/invented or built a new pie machine, whatever, and I was able to create an additional pie and you got one quarter of it but I hogged 1.25 pies I would be "hogging" even though you now have .75 pies instead of your original half pie, right?
    • I can't afford that kind of hogging when I'm on the net, though I might consider it when I'm doing something else in the office.


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