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What is the meaning of hokum in Hindi?

Meaning of hokum in Hindi is : होकम

Definition of word hokum

  • Meaningless nonsense with an outward appearance of being impressive and legitimate. (noun)

Examples of word hokum

  • He fought a long battle against what he called hokum, ideas with no basis, which gain spurious credibility by repetition (in the way that so many celebrities are celebrities for no other reason than that they are regarded as such by the media and society pop pundits).
  • However this sort of hokum is not proscribed within the class CBlockbuster, is in fact a widely accepted strategy for achieving resolution.
  • What’s more, you’re “love it or leave it” hokum is the height of anti-American rhetorical irony.
  • So the integrity of the Commission, the veracity of all the testimony it heard, and the legitimacy of its recommendations were, in fact, widely dismissed as hokum because it was clear to "everyone who could read the facts" (or hokum, which is it?) that the whole thing was Jamie Gorelick's fault?
  • It is extremely high-grade hokum, which is to say it offers several different and combustible varieties.


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