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What is the meaning of hollow in Hindi?

Meaning of hollow in Hindi is : शून्य

Definition of word hollow

  • Having an empty space or cavity inside. (adjective)
  • Distant, eerie; echoing, reverberating, as if in a hollow space; dull, muffled; often low-pitched. (adjective)
  • Without substance; having no real or significant worth; meaningless. (adjective)
  • Insincere, devoid of validity; specious. (adjective)
  • A small valley between mountains; "he built himself a cabin in a hollow high up in the Rockies" (noun)
  • A sunken area in something solid. (noun)
  • A sunken area, the equivalent to a copse in British English. (noun)
  • A feeling of emptiness. (noun)
  • to make a hole in something; to excavate (transitive) (verb)
  • To urge or call by shouting; to hollo. (verb)

Examples of word hollow

  • We did nothing when we heard the shooting as your airship took flight, then … He shrugged, his expression hollow.
  • The nut looked as if it were filled with tobacco or black rich earth; it was what we call hollow, or worm-eaten.
  • Economists and pundits have long feared the emergence of what they called "hollow corporations," or businesses that don't actually produce actual goods or services themselves, but instead act as brokers or intermediaries relying on networks of suppliers and partners.
  • He said last week that it would lead to what he calls a hollow force.
  • X-ray laser, scientists managed to create what they called hollow atoms, giving just a preview of the kind of science expected to be done there.


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