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What is the meaning of homelike in Hindi?

Meaning of homelike in Hindi is :

Definition of word homelike

  • Having the comfortable characteristics of a home. (adjective)

Examples of word homelike

  • There I saw a menu for the Straight Edge Kitchen, located at 7th Ave and 11th St, offering health food lovers 'a plain homelike meal. '
  • The impression was warmer than that of a hospital, but not "homelike" -wise, since this was the entrance to her surgery as well as to her home.
  • But, like the grandfather's room, the place could not by any stretch of the imagination be called homelike, and to this fact
  • A birth center is defined as a homelike facility within a health care system not attached to a hospital.
  • That's just it -- just to the notch what I mean -- there's something kind of homelike in the name itself.


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