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What is the meaning of homely in Hindi?

Meaning of homely in Hindi is : सीधा सादा

Definition of word homely

  • Lacking in beauty or elegance, plain in appearance, physically unattractive. (adjective)
  • Proficient in skills needed to maintain a home (see homemaker). (adjective)

Examples of word homely

    • Buncombe was delighted to encounter a sea-faring friend, and insisted on taking George Jernam down to River View Cottage to eat what he called a homely bit of dinner.
    • In the book, Winifred is plain -- homely, even -- but bright, talented, hard-working, and explicitly a very nice girl.
    • Yet despite the fact that he was often referred to as homely or even ugly, Maureen was struck by how absolutely beautiful he was.
    • Scott started to confide in a woman he worked with, a woman he describes as homely, someone he could safely talk to without the risk of straying.
    • In earlier days it had certainly been better kept; it now looked like any of the other Yugoslavian spas, which are patronized by the peasants and small shopkeepers, and showed a certain homely untidiness, though nothing worse.


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