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What is the meaning of honored in Hindi?

Meaning of honored in Hindi is : सम्मानित

Definition of word honored

  • Respected, having received honor. (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of honor. (verb)

Examples of word honored

  • "Professor of barricading," was a title honored at the
  • "Professor of barricading," was a title honored at the Cafe de Seville, and one that they would willingly have had engraved upon their visiting-cards.
  • Gerald, penniless, had raised Tara; Ellen had risen above some mysterious sorrow; Grandfather Robillard, surviving the wreck of Napoleon’s throne, had founded his fortunes anew on the fertile Georgia coast; Great-grandfather Prudhomme had carved a small kingdom out of the dark jungles of Haiti, lost it, and lived to see his name honored in Savannah.
  • Most winners were repeats from the prior weekend's Golden Globe Awards, with both Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock again honored for their lead performances in "Crazy Heart" and "The Blind Side," respectively.
  • I remain honored to have had a long poem of mine that I really wanted published SOMEWHERE to wind up getting published in the CLIFFS Soundings Iit/art mag Norbert Blei mentioned in his essay on Henry Denander.


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