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What is the meaning of honorific in Hindi?

Meaning of honorific in Hindi is : सम्मानात्मक

Definition of word honorific

  • A title. (i.e., Mister, Misses, Doctor, Professor) (noun)
  • A term of respect; respectful language. (noun)
  • Showing or conferring honour and respect. (adjective)
  • Based on or valuing honor (adjective)

Examples of word honorific

  • I'm all for hanging Bush by his toenails (figuratively of course) but for a member of Congress to explicitly elide the honorific is a breach of decorum.
  • The installation of so-called honorific seats, places reserved especially for the highest elite, were a common feature in theaters.
  • Quoting sources in North Korea, the exile radio station said North Koreans now call leader Kim Jong-il simply by his name without using any honorific, which is unprecedented in the North.
  • That the word astronaut seems to be viewed by some as some kind of honorific, expressing not just existence at altitude, but also accomplishment at altitude (as recognized by some, but perhaps not others), makes that word conditional in a way that actually cheapens it.
  • She didn't earn but squandered the honor of being an "honorific" Senator.


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