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What is the meaning of honour in Hindi?

Meaning of honour in Hindi is : हुजूर

Definition of word honour

  • Recognition of importance or spiritual value; respect. (noun)
  • Favourable reputation; dignity; sense of self-worth. (noun)
  • An objectification of praiseworthiness or respect; something that represents praiseworthiness or respect, such as an award given by the state to a citizen. (noun)
  • A privilege. (noun)
  • The centre point of the upper half of an armorial escutcheon; also honour point. (noun)
  • In bridge, an ace, king, queen, jack, or ten especially of the trump suit. In some other games, an ace, king, queen or jack. (noun)
  • The right to play one's ball before one's opponent plays his. (noun)
  • =honours degree: a university qualification of the highest rank. (noun)
  • To think of highly, to respect highly, to recognise the importance or spiritual value of (verb)
  • To confer an honour or privilege upon (someone). (verb)
  • To conform with, obey (e.g. a treaty or promise) (verb)
  • To make payment in respect of (a cheque, banker's draft etc). (verb)

Examples of word honour

  • I give you my word of honour as a man -- my word of _honour_, mind you!
  • In speaking to them, however, they always used the most abject language, and the most humble tone and posture -- "_Please your honour; and please your honour's honour_" they knew must be repeated as a charm at the beginning and end of every equivocating, exculpatory, or supplicatory sentence; and they were much more alert in doffing their caps to these new men, than to those of what they call _good old families_.
  • _must_ vindicate his honour yet where I have known such things happen they might have been prevented _with honour_ if the parties had not allowed their passions to get the better of their reason; and you must remember there is never honour to be acquired by being quarrelsome, but the reverse, and that your life ought now to be devoted to the service of your King and country.
  • Let no critic cavil at the word _honourably_, as it relates to trade: punctual payment is the honour of trade, and there is a word always used among merchants which justifies my using it in this place; and that is, when a merchant draws a bill from abroad upon his friend at London, his correspondent in London answering his letter, and approving his drawing upon him, adds, that he shall be sure to _honour_ his bill when it appears; that is to say, to accept it.
  • a sentry pull off his fire, can swear that such was the case with that officer -- he can do more than swearing, for he can give his word of honour, and I think that idea _honour_ is the same in every country.