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What is the meaning of hook in Hindi?

Meaning of hook in Hindi is : हुक लगाना

Definition of word hook

  • A rod bent into a curved shape, typically with one end free and the other end secured to a rope or other attachment. (noun)
  • To attach a hook to. (verb)

Examples of word hook

    • So the main hook is that you have this kid born into a working class family of petty criminals but against all odds, manages to become the greatest hero the world has seen and fight the good fight.
    • In Holloway-speak, landing a left hook translates as keeping faith with core principles.
    • Your use of the term hook which applies specifically to the opening paragraph of a book mislead me a little; you are talking about setting up a pitch appointment, not submitting pages in advance of such an appointment.
    • The double-line pull uses a snatch block (also known as a pulley block) to run the wire rope out to an anchor and then double it back to the vehicle, where the hook is attached to the frame -- not the bumper, winch, or any part of the suspension.
    • What may get the comic off the hook is the fact that the comic exists in a different format (i.e. - books/comics) than the band (music).
    • I think the only way to get myself off the hook is actually to pick up the hook and promise to learn to crochet this year, she's already bought me the hook and the book.
    • The effort to say that Imus should not be so badly treated if blacks who have made similar statements about black women are let off the hook is a product of the first America.
    • And then right in through there, that's what we call a hook echo.