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What is the meaning of hopeful in Hindi?

Meaning of hopeful in Hindi is : होनहार

Definition of word hopeful

  • Feeling hope. (adjective)
  • Inspiring hope. (adjective)
  • Somebody who is hoping for success or victory. (noun)

Examples of word hopeful

  • I don't listen to their music but I love them all … I'll miss Eric's acting! jean eric oppa, fighting!!!! will be awaiting for your return~~ in these two years, i will will definitely be saving up $$ to be at the legendary shinhwa reunion concert * hopeful hopeful*
  • Facebook tells us the amount of people using the term hopeful in their Facebook status has increased diabetically (ph) over the past couple of months.
  • Rose's Bulls may not have the makings of a contender without some assembly required, but they could cut the run of another title hopeful short.
  • Jess looks around at all of us, her expression hopeful.
  • KATHLEEN KOCH, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well Fredricka, President Bush in his radio address pointed out that in his opinion his new plan for Iraq, the troop increase, while it's in its early stages, he says its showing signs of progress, what he called hopeful signs.


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