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What is the meaning of horner in Hindi?

Meaning of horner in Hindi is : सींग के पदार्थ बनाने और बेचनेवाला

Definition of word horner

  • One who works or deals in horn or horns. (noun)
  • One who blows a horn. (noun)
  • One who horns or cuckolds. (noun)
  • The British sand lance or sand eel, Ammodytes lanceolatus. (noun)

Examples of word horner

  • Lisa Raitt local council logic loss leader luxury marshall horner
  • Darren on Jul 28, 2008 spiderman 4 should have the best villan of all, which would be carnage. who wouldn't want to see that horner on Oct 6, 2008
  • For one fatal instant, she thought that Vader was referring to the radar horner fired by the Port Vladimir MiGs, a missile that was now behind them.
  • A skilled horner need not mark the teeth on the horn but will decide on the thickness while cutting them.
  • Figure I. 2 shows a section of horn after slaughter, as it is supplied to the horner.


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