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What is the meaning of horseman in Hindi?

Meaning of horseman in Hindi is : सवार

Definition of word horseman

  • A man who rides a horse. (noun)
  • A soldier on horseback. (noun)
  • A man skilled in horsemanship. (noun)
  • A man in charge of work horses. (noun)
  • A swift-running land crab of the genus Ocypoda, living on the coast of Brazil and the West Indies. (noun)
  • A West Indian fish of the genus Eques, such as the light-horseman (Eques lanceolatus). (noun)

Examples of word horseman

  • Then he and his men armed and he bade open the gates when, behold, up came a horseman from the host of the Indians, with Jamrkan and
  • Now the old horseman is riding his 100-1 shot, checking in at the scorer's table with a reminder that he never played the game, only coached it at an Air Force base, yet still has more pointed opinions than Allen Iverson and Larry Brown combined.
  • Add to this a swarthy visage half hid in a long black beard, a tall cap of lambskin, immense trousers, boots, red or black, to the knee, a shaggy yaponcha on his shoulder, a short chibouk under the flap of his saddle, and the Persian horseman is complete.
  • I always remember the distinction between Cal vary and cavalry by associationg Calvin (the great Christian) with Calvary and the cavalier (which comes from the word horseman) with cavalry.
  • I was told it was a point of honour among the Circassians and these rough soldiers that, if two parties or two single horsemen met, and were in doubt if they were friends or foes, a horseman from one side would dash out and gallop in a circle to the right, if a Circassian; on which a horseman from the other party would immediately imitate this evolution, but galloping to the left, if a Cossack, to show he was a foe.


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