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What is the meaning of horsemanship in Hindi?

Meaning of horsemanship in Hindi is : घुड़ सवारी की कला

Definition of word horsemanship

  • The skill of riding a horse. (noun)

Examples of word horsemanship

  • You will come away knowing that Zapata was a real man of great strength, determination, and ideals who lived his life as a Mexican, defining himself between the extremes of poverty and Spanish class-ism; excelling in horsemanship, leadership, and just as macho as they come.
  • Nor was there one more accomplished than she in horsemanship and martial exercises and all that behoveth a cavalier.
  • "Let's hope his horsemanship is equal to his attire!"
  • When we discuss the training of the Cavalry, the first point which naturally occurs to us is the question of 'horsemanship' -- _i. e._, the breaking-in of the horses and the teaching of equitation to the men.
  • It is said that when desire and lust incite a man of understanding to aught, he considereth the end thereof and refraineth from that which they make fair and represseth with his reason his lust and his concupiscence; for, when these passions urge him to aught, it behoveth him to make his reason like unto a horseman skilled in horsemanship who, mounting a skittish horse, curbeth him with a sharp bit,107 so that he go aright with him and bear him whither he will.


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