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What is the meaning of hugging in Hindi?

Meaning of hugging in Hindi is : रंभण

Definition of word hugging

  • Present participle of hug. (verb)

Examples of word hugging

  • Maddened by the sound of the water, Jerry had first to endure an embracing and hugging from the boy, who, squatted on his hams, rocked back and forth and mumbled a strange little crooning song.
  • And pillow-hugging is also a hobby of mine when female company is lacking.
  • That was his idea and he may or may not write a fic about it and how it pertains to certain hugging aversions in the season 4 finale.
  • I treasure a clean environment and just one picture of Mcain hugging Dubya was enough for me.
  • The MoveOn spot closes with a picture of President Bush and John McCain hugging that has been used often in advertising from Democrats and anti-McCain third-party groups this cycle.


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