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What is the meaning of huggle in Hindi?

Meaning of huggle in Hindi is :

Definition of word huggle

  • To hug and snuggle simultaneously: gesture of tender non-sexual affection. (verb)
  • To hug and cuddle. (verb)
  • To huddle. (verb)
  • A hug while snuggling: gesture of tender non-sexual affection. (noun)

Examples of word huggle

  • April 20, 2010 at 1:03 pm oldmomcat not gotted a drive-by huggle yet!
  • I think I'll go huggle my Jeremy Brett DVDs and weep softly in a corner for a bit.
  • Yes, I agree, we shud give him a huggle pyle next tyme.
  • JCH4K alwuys noes hoaw tew maek eben teh sad fings in owur lil lives hab a positive ending, and furr dat we shud all huggle her!
  • Aftur, burrito dem in a towl an huggle dem until dey nawt soppin, an dem let dem likliklikliklik until dey drai.


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