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What is the meaning of hull in Hindi?

Meaning of hull in Hindi is : हाज का ढाँचा

Definition of word hull

  • The outer covering of a fruit or seed (noun)
  • To remove the outer covering of a fruit or seed. (verb)
  • The body or frame of a vessel such as a ship or plane (noun)
  • to drift; to be carried by the impetus of wind or water on the ship's hull alone, with sails furled (verb)
  • to hit (a ship) in the hull with cannon fire etc (verb)

Examples of word hull

  • The WD-14, a basic 141 ⁄ 2-foot aluminum hull, is best matched with a 9 - to 25-hp tiller engine.
  • You do know that the Titanic has been extensively documented on film, including the punctures in her hull from the iceberg as well as the section of the keel that was ripped apart when she broke up?
  • The speed of a ship with a non-planing hull is proportional to the square root of the water line.
  • Not wanting to make leaks worse, but … I think my hull is suffering from rust.
  • The Titanic has hit an iceberg, hull is shattered, she's taking on water and is listing badly.


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