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What is the meaning of hulling in Hindi?

Meaning of hulling in Hindi is :

Definition of word hulling

  • Present participle of hull. (verb)

Examples of word hulling

  • In the dry method, the husks are removed either by hand (threshing and pounding in a mortar, on the smaller plantations) or by specially constructed machinery, known as hulling machines.
  • The last step in the preparation process is called hulling or peeling, both words accurately describing the purpose of the operation.
  • But once she was in the kitchen, even working with Mizuho on something as simple as hulling strawberries reminded her of the distance between herself and everyone else.
  • When you have finished hulling the strawberries, Ellen will help carry the bowls to the tables.
  • Before and after, he worked as a mobile home hulling foreman, oil-field roughneck, horse trainer, auto body shop manager, bar bouncer and "some other things that hurt my head to try to remember."


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