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What is the meaning of hullo in Hindi?

Meaning of hullo in Hindi is :

Definition of word hullo

  • Alternative form of hello. (Greeting.) (interjection)
  • Alternative form of hello. (expressing puzzlement or discovery) (interjection)

Examples of word hullo

    • His alternative was 'hello', a sligh alteration of 'hullo' which up until that point had been an expression of surprise as in 'hullo, what's going on here?
    • Her hullo was a trifle awkward, but Philip didn't seem to notice.
    • If this was the UK, I would expect to be ushered to a table (probably grumbling inwardly about the empty tables I passed on the way), then, once seated, make a curt nod and "hullo" to my table mates before either engaging in quiet conversation with my companion or looking pensively out of the window, trying hard to look like I'm thinking of Very Important Things.
    • She cringed deprecat-ingly at his touch, gave him a sickly smile and whispered "hullo" on a gasp of intaken breath.
    • I heard him say 'hullo' and realizing what I had done, hung up the phone right away.


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