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What is the meaning of hulls in Hindi?

Meaning of hulls in Hindi is : भूसा

Definition of word hulls

  • Plural form of hull. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of hull. (verb)

Examples of word hulls

    • Picking up brass and hulls is the only way I can afford to shoot.
    • Then he looks in the bed of my truck and observes, ironically enough, a few empty hulls from the hunt the week before, the one the trooper who searched my truck wished me luck on.
    • OR cut open their backs, rip out their stuffing and fill them with rice or can't think of the name hulls, sew them back up and use them like hot/cold packs.
    • The hulls were a startlingly reflective deep forest green color.
    • Guidelines are proposed for boat design such as hulls and propellers.


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