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What is the meaning of humiliate in Hindi?

Meaning of humiliate in Hindi is : शर्मिन्दा करना

Definition of word humiliate

  • To injure a person's dignity and self-respect. (verb)

Examples of word humiliate

  • Scotland's Cardinal Keith O'Brien, who will welcome Benedict when he arrives in Edinburgh on Thursday (Sept. 16), recently voiced bitterness over press coverage when he accused the government-funded British Broadcasting Company of attempting to "humiliate" Benedict.
  • This tactic has been used by Israel's so-called friends in prievious wars launched against her in order not to "humiliate" the Arabs and compromise their "honour".
  • So they decide to do what one of Warman's wards calls "the ultimate expression of free speech": they're going to physically attack Icke in public, by throwing a pie in his face, to "humiliate" him.
  • The scene in the video where Warman is sitting around with some street urchins, gleefully plotting to "humiliate" Icke told me all I needed to know: Warman wasn't about human rights, or elevating society, or the best of the human spirit.
  • I am slowly but surely gathering a dossier of photographs that I could use against Travis, I say 'use against', but I actually mean 'humiliate'. ;- in event of him ever obtaining high office.


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