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What is the meaning of humility in Hindi?

Meaning of humility in Hindi is : विनयता

Definition of word humility

  • The characteristic of being humble; humbleness in character and behavior. (noun)

Examples of word humility

  • For many people, the word humility has come to signify humiliation or self-derogation.
  • And a lot of risk, the strategy that General McChrystal is proposing, means more forces out on foot patrols, interacting with civilian populations and doing it in a way, I believe the term humility is the term General McChrystal continues to used, that means exposing themselves in a bigger way.
  • To have been such a star for so long and still to have maintained his humility is a matter worthy of applause.
  • That those who humble themselves shall be exalted, and shall be established in their dignity: Honour shall uphold the humble in spirit; their humility is their honour, and that shall make them truly and safely great, and recommend them to the esteem of all that are wise and good.
  • The Greek for "humility" is literally, "lowliness of mind," which forms a clearer parallel to


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