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What is the meaning of humoral in Hindi?

Meaning of humoral in Hindi is : त्रिदोष़ विषयक

Definition of word humoral

  • Of or relating to the body fluids or humours. (adjective)

Examples of word humoral

  • Much stress has been laid on the growth in humoral properties under these conditions.
  • Goronzy J, Weyand CM, Fathman CG (1986) Long-term humoral unresponsiveness in vivo, induced by treatment with monoclonal antibody against L3T4.
  • 65Colonial curanderos differed radically from practitioners trained in humoral medicine in the ways they diagnosed the patient.
  • In so far, however, as the diseased function of the living body elements is, in the main, conditioned by the incorrect mixture of body fluids, I find the linguistic inconsistency of the use of the word humoral pathology no worse than if one speaks of pathological anatomy, although the subject matter of this discipline concerns cadaver anatomy and cannot really be attributed to cadavers.
  • Then came the great "humoral" or "vital fluid" theory of disease which ruled during the Middle Ages.