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What is the meaning of humorous in Hindi?

Meaning of humorous in Hindi is : हास्यप्रिय

Definition of word humorous

  • Full of humor or arousing laughter; funny. (adjective)
  • Showing humor; witty, jocular. (adjective)
  • Damp or watery. (adjective)
  • Dependent on or caused by one's humour or mood; capricious, whimsical. (adjective)

Examples of word humorous

  • Something that I find to be darkly humorous is that I think Obama has lost his belief that he, through his power of the One, can resolve the Palestinian issue and I am beginning to think he blames it ON the people calling themselves Palestinians.
  • In my twenties and thirties I competed successfully in humorous speech contests.
  • I also, actually, have always been very interested in humorous writing, writing satires for quirky magazines for years, but have never had quite the chance to do it in book form.
  • After reading that article, I have concluded you should formally change your last name to "Triblett" ... has a certain humorous sound to it ...
  • What I find so humorous is that Obama has said what you guys have WANTED TO HEAR since he announced his presidency in Jan 2007.


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