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What is the meaning of hunger in Hindi?

Meaning of hunger in Hindi is : भूखा होना

Definition of word hunger

  • A need or compelling desire of food. (noun)
  • Any strong desire. (noun)
  • To be in need of food. (verb)
  • To have a desire for. (verb)
  • To make hungry; to famish. (verb)

Examples of word hunger

  • That not being satifactory, they just eliminated the the term hunger from their reports and replaced it with low food security.
  • This hunger is the reason for www. publishmydamnbook.com!
  • Often, this hunger is at odds with the best food choices.
  • That change brings about sensory disturbances in our body which are not unpleasant in moderation, which we call hunger, thirst and fatigue.
  • In all likelihood, the number of hungry is less than a one billion, depending on your definition of hunger, which is not to be confused with malnutrition you can be malnourished and not hungry since hunger is technically a measure of caloric intake.


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