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What is the meaning of hungrier in Hindi?

Meaning of hungrier in Hindi is :

Definition of word hungrier

  • comparative form of hungry: more hungry (adjective)

Examples of word hungrier

  • Is it possible for an innovator to stay in the lead indefinitely, or is there always a "hungrier" competitor right around the corner?
  • I must admit that I didn't get the subtext you mention about the monster being "hungrier" than the characters, but I have to say you're probably on to something.
  • If I claim to value tournament experience, why wouldn't I give Memphis credit for being "hungrier" after two years of chokes?
  • He hopes CEHE can influence the top colleges and universities, but he also notes that it may be second-tier institutions that are "hungrier" and willing to work harder for the money.
  • Coach Cory Clouston acknowledged that the Penguins were "hungrier", "more determined" and


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