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What is the meaning of hurt in Hindi?

Meaning of hurt in Hindi is : हानि पहुंचाना

Definition of word hurt

  • To be painful. (verb)
  • To cause (a creature) physical pain and/or injury. (verb)
  • To cause (somebody) emotional pain. (verb)
  • To undermine, impede, or damage. (verb)
  • Wounded, physically injured. (adjective)
  • Pained. (adjective)
  • An emotional or psychological hurt (humiliation or bad experience) (noun)
  • A wound or pain. (noun)
  • A roundel azure (blue circular spot). (noun)

Examples of word hurt

  • Thus, it would be a very holy thing and work for Valencia to build a hostel or hospital where such insane or innocent persons could be housed so that they would not be wandering through the city and could not hurt nor be hurt».
  • I wonder if ive hurt pple and stuffÂ… or how many pple exactly have I hurtÂ…
  • Dyak's house was in bad repair, and a Malay fell in consequence and was hurt, or pretended to be hurt, a fine was imposed; if a Malay in the jungle was wounded by the springs set for a wild boar, or by the wooden spikes which the Dyaks for protection put about their village, or scratched himself and said he was injured, the penalty was heavy; if the Malay was _really hurt_, ever so accidentally, it was the ruin of the Dyak.
  • (their _relative_ hurt, we mean, for in the end, and at the last, no soul is ever really _hurt_).
  • Fancy words don’t do much to disguise that thestatement ‘if you see a man in a dark parking lot and think he’s going to hurt you, you’re more likely to get hurt is nothing but victim blaming.


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