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What is the meaning of husbandry in Hindi?

Meaning of husbandry in Hindi is : गृहस्थी

Definition of word husbandry

  • The raising of livestock and the cultivation of crops; agriculture (noun)
  • The prudent management or conservation of resources (noun)

Examples of word husbandry

    • True conservation had to begin with “that combination of solicitude, foresight, and skill which we call husbandry,” practiced by landowners on their own land.
    • Many of Yunnan nomadic tribes or those engaged in husbandry, in particular, relied on agricultural products from Sichuan.
    • Similarly exploring this new form of animal husbandry is Dressing the Meat of Tomorrow by James King.
    • Today many ag and retail food concerns find it expedient to employ persons well versed in husbandry/ag production to vet the methods and policies of their suppliers.
    • As in husbandry the sower may cast his seed in a dry and parched soil with desponding fears, so those shall reap abundant fruit who toil in tears with the prayer of faith.


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