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What is the meaning of husk in Hindi?

Meaning of husk in Hindi is : शुष्ककास

Definition of word husk

  • The dry, leafy or stringy exterior of certain vegetables or fruits, which must be removed before eating the meat inside (noun)
  • Any form of useless, dried-up, and subsequently worthless exterior of something (noun)
  • To remove husks from. (verb)
  • To say huskily, to utter in a husky voice. (verb)

Examples of word husk

  • {225} In the nut, the calyx remains green and beautiful, forming what we call the husk of a filbert; and again we find Nature amusing herself by trying to make us think that this strict envelope, almost closing over the single seed, is the same thing to the nut that its green shell is to a walnut!
  • Corn still in the husk is fabulous microwaved for 3 minutes, the silks come away with great ease and the corn is terrific
  • In an oven heated at 350, cook corn in husk for 25 minutes.
  • The clear water, fresh and cool in its thick insulated husk, is refreshing.
  • The 'peas' are not oval, but the husk is -- sorta.


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