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What is the meaning of husky in Hindi?

Meaning of husky in Hindi is : हुस्की कुत्ता

Definition of word husky

  • hoarse and rough-sounding (adjective)
  • burly, thick; fat, overweight (adjective)
  • Any of several breeds of dogs used as sled dogs (noun)

Examples of word husky

  • The first night we showed up we stayed over top of the "Husky Pub" (husky is short for Huskissen, the town).
  • Yeoh said she has always resisted voiceovers because of what she described as her "husky, deep voice," which she said was often confused for that of a man.
  • "I am Mrs. Allan Fleming," she said, with a certain husky defiance.
  • We were just remembering when our husky was a puppy; how small and cute is was.
  • Siberian Husky: No one wants to be called husky, but Sylvie won't mind.


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