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What is the meaning of hydrostatic in Hindi?

Meaning of hydrostatic in Hindi is : द्रवस्थैतिक

Definition of word hydrostatic

  • Of or relating to hydrostatics. (adjective)
  • Of or relating to fluids, especially to the pressure that they exert or transmit. (adjective)

Examples of word hydrostatic

    • Phoenixville Ironworks, is thus described: 'The principle on which it acts is that of hydrostatic pressure, or, more properly, _hydrostatic resistance_.
    • A heavy bullet that is too narrow to leave a large wound channel thus lacking in hydrostatic shock, odds are it will tumble upon impact, kicks like a mule, no real advantage over a 30-06 with heavy loads and it [‘s appeals mainly to the feeble minded fad got to have it that believes anything.
    • Investigators believe that pipeline owner PG&E Corp. could have identified the defects if it had conducted a water-pressure test, known as hydrostatic testing, on the line before it was put into service.
    • The term hydrostatic shock describes the observation that a penetrating projectile can produce remote wounding and incapacitating effects in living targets, in addition to local effects ...
    • The reason Pluto is not a "big rock" and different from most other objects in the Kuiper Belt is that it has achieved a state known as hydrostatic equilibrium.


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