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What is the meaning of hypertense in Hindi?

Meaning of hypertense in Hindi is :

Definition of word hypertense

  • Extremely tense. (adjective)
    बेहद तनावपूर्ण।

Examples of word hypertense

  • But there wasn't the kind of hypertense atmosphere that has prevailed during October's contemporary-art week since the trendy Frieze Art Fair started five years ago.
  • In this hypertense atmosphere, friends with nightsticks have no business anywhere near a polling place no matter what race they are or where it is.
  • The congested, hypertense crossing point of the River Jordan, between Jordan "proper" and the Israeli-held West Bank, is to this day known as the Allenby Bridge, after T.E. Lawrence's commander.
  • After Mr. Levitt died her doctor had given her a physical and pronounced her hypertense, overweight.
  • He concluded that she was in remarkably good physical health, but she had indeed changed from a confused, disoriented state to a hypertense and volatile one.
  • Generally, there will be a tense producer at one elbow, a hypertense director at the other, and six or seven grim PR people scattered around, all of them expecting one to come forth with both incisive analysis and wild praise, some eight or ten seconds after “The End” has appeared on the screen.