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What is the meaning of hypocritically in Hindi?

Meaning of hypocritically in Hindi is : पाखण्ड रूप में

Definition of word hypocritically

  • in a hypocritical manner (adverb)

Examples of word hypocritically

  • You watch too much fox news (the lapdog of the ultra right conservatives, who interestingly and hypocritically is on the same network that show some of the worst of the worst television has to offer.) @Mike – patriot act, was the 2002 GOP-led congress.
  • This evasion does no credit to John Williams (the composer of the original music to Jaws), and implies that even the producers of the advert have no compunction in hypocritically avoiding paying the royalties they’d presumably otherwise argue he’s due.
  • The AP spends a lot of time in its complaint attacking Fairey for making artwork in the past that supposedly violated other people's copyrights, and for "hypocritically" suing people he claimed violated his copyright, but these assertions are as legally irrelevant as the AP's statement that "more than 30 AP journalists have lost their lives in the line of duty."
  • He argues their wealth was the result of neo-liberal policies of the former Howard Government, which Mr Rudd had since "hypocritically" slammed.
  • The media as usual tried to hypocritically ignore the story, but is being entirely bypassed, thanks to the internet (and then trying to cover themselves in retrospect).


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