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What is the meaning of hypomanic in Hindi?

Meaning of hypomanic in Hindi is :

Definition of word hypomanic

  • afflicted with a mild state of mania (adjective)
  • A person afflicted with hypomania. (noun)

Examples of word hypomanic

    • But somebody who was there did write about it and they came up with the phrase hypomanic, and what I understand hypomanic to be is a sort of sub-clinical, not so serious as to be paralyzing case of manic depression.
    • She admitted to having developed "hypomanic" (milder than full-blown mania) symptoms on an antidepressant.
    • I'm sick of it all; sick of the medications, sick of the appointments, sick of using words like "hypomanic" and, "pressured speech" in conversation, sick of the carefulness, sick of the sickness.
    • It's never clear cut with me - often I suffer from agitated depression, so it's kind of hypomanic speech patterns with a very despairing theme.
    • People with Bipolar I Disorder have had at least one manic episode, as opposed to people with Bipolar II Disorder who have hypomanic episodes.
    • Gartner, an assistant professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, discusses the hypomanic qualities of entrepreneurs and leaders who took risks to come to America.
    • At the other end of the spectrum, the hyper-articulate, hypomanic Michel Chapoutier, who walks with a pronounced limp because he was too busy to get a broken leg set some years ago, makes big, rich, heavily oak-influenced wines that can outmuscle Guigal's.