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What is the meaning of identifiable in Hindi?

Meaning of identifiable in Hindi is : पहिचानने योग्य

Definition of word identifiable

  • Capable of being distinguished and named. (adjective)

Examples of word identifiable

  • The most identifiable is a 1929 German 5 Mark that is about 25% off center and probably unique.
  • Dissing biologist Edward O. Wilson, Carey tells us: If there were indeed certain identifiable works that appealed to everyone in every age and culture, then it would be reasonable to conclude that they correspond to something universally human.
  • In my opinion, the Landrover is identifiable from the photograph. on September 5, 2008 at 6: 01 pm | Reply nightjack
  • The short version is that a blogger-who-shall-not-be-named (but is easily identifiable from the links etc.) wrote a piece appropriating quite a lot of work from BFP (see Sylvia for details), with a timeline taking it suspiciously close to a speech given by BFP just a week or so beforehand.
  • There were 21 of us all in sight of each other, the situation was perfectly under control and unless PSU kit consists of Stone Island, Burberry and Hackett we were quite identifiable from the camera which was tracking our progress.


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