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What is the meaning of idiom in Hindi?

Meaning of idiom in Hindi is : शैली

Definition of word idiom

  • A manner of speaking, a way of expressing oneself. (noun)
  • A language or dialect. (noun)
  • Specifically, a particular variety of language; a restricted dialect used in a given historical period, context etc. (noun)
  • An artistic style (for example, in art, architecture, or music); an instance of such a style. (noun)
  • An expression peculiar to or characteristic of a particular language, especially when the meaning is illogical or separate from the meanings of its component words. (noun)
  • A programming construct or phraseology generally held to be the most efficient, elegant or effective means to achieve a particular result or behavior. (noun)

Examples of word idiom

  • Keeping only the title idiom from Jolson's hit, the Chatmon composition stands a New York story on its head.
  • In fact, the word idiom comes from the Greek root idio, meaning a unique signature.
  • The Greek idiom translates as "into the ages of the ages."
  • Duck, in this idiom is short for duck's egg, a British variant of goose egg, meaning ` zero '(or nil, as the British prefer to express it in scoring).
  • You might have noticed by now that the keywords Mr. McWhorter has chosen to mark "language-ness" spell out the word "idiom"—which is apt, in that idioms are the parts of language that are the most ingrown, disheveled, intricate, oral and mixed.


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