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What is the meaning of idler in Hindi?

Meaning of idler in Hindi is : कामचोर

Definition of word idler

  • One who idles; one who spends his time in inaction. (noun)
  • One who idles; a lazy person; a sluggard. (noun)

Examples of word idler

    • Then the idler is a leech on himself -- his own despoiler.
    • They should be taught that to labor is honorable, and that the idler is a menace to the commonwealth.
    • The latter will always bear in mind, that he who worked was a man drawing into the wane of life; that he bore about him the appearance of one who, either from incompetency or from some fatality of fortune, had been doomed to struggle through the world, keeping poverty from his residence only by the aid of great industry and rigid frugality; and that the idler was a youth of an age and condition that the acquisition of an entire set of habiliments formed to him a sort of era in his adventures.
    • That puts him perilously closed to being, by Edward's lights, a dreaded "idler" living off his wife's income.
    • "idler," give to the whole little society the aspect of nothing so much as the court of Prinz Irenaeus in Kater Murr's inestimable autobiography.


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