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What is the meaning of ignorant in Hindi?

Meaning of ignorant in Hindi is : मूर्ख

Definition of word ignorant

  • Unknowledgeable or uneducated; characterized by ignorance. (adjective)
  • Ill-mannered, crude. (adjective)

Examples of word ignorant

    • And least of all can he be supposed ignorant of the meaning of a word, which, had it been ever so doubtful before, had a certain meaning impressed upon it by the authority of Parliament, of which no sensible subject can be ignorant_.
    • I. v.58 (424,1) This ignorant present time] _Ignorant_ has here the signification of _unknowing_; that it, I feel by anticipation these future hours, of which, according to the process of nature, the present time would be _ignorant_.
    • The root word in ignorant is “ignore,” a verb – therefore, ignorance is “active stupidity.”
    • It is dangerous because it chains the mind to the external things of life, whereas the totally unlettered (we do not use the term ignorant here) person will, if he have his heart filled with love, perceive the reality of spiritual things that transcend mere knowledge of the physical universe.
    • IF I used the term ignorant (I don't recall, likely due to my advanced years), the word isn't an insult but a word used, generally, to mean unaware or uneducated to the facts.


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